Who Am I?

I was in the process of navigating life as a young adult when I started my journey to self-awareness. On getting to that place I like to call “self”, I found out I am an introvert, entrepreneur, empath, fashion enthusiast, foodie, creative, nerd, and a Jesus freak! Someone once described me as a multipotentialite, this means I have many interests and diverse creative pursuits.

My name is Sunmisola (Sue-Me-So-La!), which means "Shift me into wealth" but you can call me Sunmi. I am a wife, daughter, sister, friend, and mum to kids I haven't met yet :) My goal in life is to live fully, love completely and ladle out all of me as I go. Here, we’ll pursue growth, live our best lives, love unequivocally, and serve our community.

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Live, Love, Ladle

__Live fully: Grow yourself, don’t bail on your potentials. Enjoy life in HD as you grow 

__Love completely: Love yourself, love others

__Ladle out: Serve your community, pour out yourself