• Sunmisola Adeyemi

Oh, Where Did January Go!!!

We had a challenge after creating our 2022 library. The big question was which book to read first? To solve this challenge, I wrote the title of the books we picked out in tiny pieces of paper and threw them in a small purse. The goal is to randomly pick a title each month and do justice to the book. I could not stop thinking about that purse since I finished my January book---Blink. However, before jumping on to the next book, I decided to read through the notes I wrote while reading the January book.

Advocating for a "book year" would be pure hypocrisy if we are not applying the information from these books towards becoming better people.

For January, our community book is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell but I will not bore you with an essay about the book. Nonetheless, I created a scrapbook to share the basic ideas I thought the author was trying to communicate.

We will never see another January 2022, so I hope you join us as we continue to take responsibility for our growth this year. Consider creating your book library or using our library.

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